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Dollar Days

This is Cranbrook Liquors' biggest sale and most popular event. Dollar Days is held twice a year in the Fall and the Spring where just about everything in the store is sold at just $1.00 above cost! Make sure you sign up for our email alerts so that you won't miss out!



-When is the next dollar days?

Tuesday, September 24th & Wednesday, September 25th 2019.

-What are your hours during dollar days?

Tuesday we are open from 8am-8:30pm. Wednesday we are open from 9am-8:30pm. Closing times may vary, depending on the length of the checkout line.


-What does “a dollar over cost” mean?

A "dollar over cost" means that if we pay a distributor $6.33 for a bottle of wine, the dollar day price will be $7.33.  Usually that bottle would retail for about $9.99. 


-Is EVERYTHING in the store a dollar over cost?

Yes! Everything except very rare items, specialty/limited items and kegs.


-Is there a general rule to the amount of money I will save?

The more expensive the item at the retail price, the more money you will save.


-Is there any way to find out how much a bottle or case of something will be before the sale?

No. We cannot give out prices before the sale. You will have to come to the store during the sale to find the price.


-When will I know the “dollar day” price of something I want to purchase?

During the two day sale. We have prices posted throughout the store.


-Why can’t you just tell me the dollar days price of a 1.75L bottle of Jim Beam beforehand? Pretty please??

We can’t tell you prices before the sale because the cost of items may change between now and then. The cost may increase and it may decrease. If we quote you a dollar days price today, we may be wrong when it comes to the day of the sale. You will know the price when you come in for the sale.


-How will I know the “retail” price of the item I want to purchase?

For each item on the shelf, we post the dollar day price and the regular retail price during the sale.


-Do you have in-store wine/liquor/beer tastings going on throughout the two-day sale?

Yes, but please be responsible!


-I have a charge at the bottom of my receipt that says “$$ Days Item Count," what is that??

Every item on the itemized receipt is rung up at cost. Since the two-day sale is a $1 over cost, we charge you a dollar over each item’s cost after we’ve rung everything up (at the bottom of your receipt). If you have 77 items, we charge you $77 dollars at the bottom of the receipt where it will read "$$ Days Item Count."


-Do you give rain checks? For example, if I want a 750ml bottle of Grand Marnier and you’re out on the shelf, can I come back later in the month to buy it at the dollar days price?

No. If we run out of something you’re looking for during the sale then we cannot do anything about it. However, you are more than welcome to order a full case of Grand Marnier if you’d like.


-If there is a case of wine in the store during dollar days, should I buy that one or should I just place a special order?

It would help us tremendously if you would buy the one we already have in stock. We would be more than happy to help you get the case you are looking for. Just ask one of us! 


-Do you take credit cards during the sale?

No! Credit card companies charge us a fee. Since everything is only a dollar over cost, we would lose money. We take cash, check and debit. 

-Do you accept returns from Dollar Days?

No, unfortunately because prices change so often, we cannot accept returns on items purchased during Dollar Days or special orders.  



-What exactly is a “special order?”

If you are interested in buying a case of a particular wine, beer, or liquor (or multiple cases of different things) you can fill out a special order form. The forms are yellow.


-What’s this tiny pink piece of paper attached to my special order form?

It is yours to keep! It has all of the special order “rules” on it so you don’t forget them. Please tear it off before you hand in your special order. Don’t lose it!


-When can I pick up a special order form?

Starting a week before the sale we will have special order forms in the store for you to pick up. You may also pick these up during the two day sale.


-When can I hand in my special order?

During the two day sale.


-Do I have to wait in line just to hand in my special order?

No. You can drop it in the box near the register or hand it to one of our employees.


-Will you accept a special order through email or fax?

No. You must physically hand in your order during the sale.


-When will my special order be ready for pick-up?

October 4 - October 12, 2019.


-When do I pay for my special order?

When you come to pick it up between October 4 & October 12, 2019.


-Can I pay with a credit card for my special order?

No - cash, check, debit only!

-I'd like to order a particular vintage of wine for my special order, is this ok?
No - we cannot guarantee that the vintage of wine that you order will be what the distributor ships us when we get our deliveries of all of the special orders.

-If I purchase a wine DURING the sale and want to special order a case of it, is it safe to assume that the price will be identical?
No, prices constantly change. The wine you purchased during the sale may have been bought by us to carry in the store a month ago, or even a year ago. The price may have increased! 


-Do you call us when our special order is ready to be picked up?

No, we ask that you call us 1-2 hours before you plan on coming in to pick up your order.


-Can I special order something you do not carry?

Yes. We will try to get it for you, but we may not be able to. Some things will not be available in the state of Maryland or we might not deal with the particular distributor. We will try our hardest though!


-What can my special order include?

Your order can be full cases of wine, beer, and liquor. A “full case” is defined as all one product – not a “mixed” case.


-Is there a maximum/minimum number of cases I can order for my special order?



-How many bottles are in a case so I know when I order?

750ml wine/liquor/beer = 12 bottles

1.5L wine = 6 bottles

1.75L liquor = 6 bottles

12oz beer = 24 bottles


-What if it is the last day to pick up my special order and some of my cases I have ordered have not been delivered to your store yet?

If we can’t fill your order by October 12th (because of items being out of stock or the distributor can't get it here in time) then we will be unable to fill your order and we do apologize, but it is out of our control.

-Do you accept returns from Dollar Days special orders?
No, unfortunately because prices change so often, we cannot accept returns on items purchased during Dollar Days or special orders. 


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